Privacy policy

  • MesoMushie makes sure that any information provided while using the site is securely protected. MesoMushie takes the security and privacy of its customers very seriously, this is for the protection of both parties.

Personal Information
  • We may store basic information from the site about customers for payment protection purposes. We will not disclose any of this information to any external sources except payment providers (PayPal and Skrill) and law enforcement when required. All information will be stored for at least 1 year to prevent fraudulent activity.

  • All payments are handled through PayPal and Skrill. We do not have access to any sensitive payment information from either payment provider. Please make sure that all details are entered accuratly before submitting a payment as we may need to confirm it.

    MesoMushie may request further information from customers to confirm that the information provided is correct. This will then be securely stored.

Customer Services
  • MesoMushie shall only contact customers using the contact information provided when a payment is made or when contacted via Livechat, Skype or E-mail. We may also contact customers in game only when an order has been placed already. MesoMushie is not associated with any other website or company, please make sure that you are only in contact with MesoMushie via the methods provided on the Contact Us page

    MesoMushie records all conversations with customers in the event of a dispute over the delivery of goods or attempted fraud. MesoMushie reserves the right to use this information when trying to resolve disputes. Any and all conversations may be provided to payment providers and law enforcement but shall never be released to other 3rd party sources.

    When contacting customers MesoMushie may ask for additional verification to confirm the identity of the customer to deter and prevent fraudulent activity. MesoMushie will never request any sensitive information such as card details, if this does happen then please report the this to MesoMushie with any information available.