Payment Methods

  • We accept payments by PayPal.
  • PayPal is one of the most widely used online payment methods in the world. PayPal allows payments to be sent using a PayPal account. We can accept card payments from certain countries without a PayPal account. Once you are taken to the payment page you will be given the option to sign in or to create an account / pay by card.
  • We currently allow payments to be made in the following currencies:
    • EUR
    • GBP
    • USD
    • DKK
    • SEK
    • NOK
    • CAD

    All Prices are calculated based on the current exchange rate. Prices are set in Euros and converted to the other currencies, we use a real time exchange rate.

    It is possible to select other currencies by clicking at the top right of the page where the meso options are displayed.