About Us

Commonly asked questions for MesoMushie

How to buy from us
  • 1. Choose your server on the buy page and then the amount of mesos you would like to buy.
    2. Fill in the required information and agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
    3. Complete the payment.
    4. Contact us via livechat or e-mail. We will arrange to meet you in game to trade you the mesos. This will either be done by trade of by buying items from a store that you set up. We will make sure you get exactly what you pay for by covering the in game taxes.

    You may also wish to contact us before ordering. Feel free to do this if you need any help.
How to sell to us
  • 1. Contact us via livechat or e-mail.
    2. Once we agree on a price and amount then we will meet in game.
    3. After delivery the money shall be sent to your account on either PayPal or Skrill.
Payment methods
  • We currently support payments via PayPal. When selecting your order you can choose several different currencies to use to pay.
    • PayPal
    PayPal supports several different payment methods. If you have an account then you can upload money from a credit / debit card or a bank account (or iDeal). It may take some time for money to be transfered into your account.
    If you have not registered a card to a PayPal account then you can make a payment without an account (A few countries do not allow this).

How do we get the mesos
  • We buy our mesos from other players. We have several several suppliers but are always looking for more. If you'd like to sell to us then please contact us to discuss the price.
  • We always show accurate stock levels, if there is an option to buy a product then we have it in stock. You can always check with us first on the livechat.