Payment Methods

  • We accept payments by PayPal and Skrill.
  • PayPal is one of the most widely used online payment methods in the world. PayPal allows payments to be sent using a PayPal account. We can accept card payments from certain countries without a PayPal account. Once you are taken to the payment page you will be given the option to sign in or to create an account / pay by card. [More information to be added]
  • Currently all payments via Skrill must be made using a Skrill account. We are working to allow many more payments through Skrill without requiring customers to have an account.[More information to be added]

    Paysafe Cards can be uploaded into a Skrill account. Skrill charges 5.5% for this, this is the lowest upload fee of any online payment provider as Paysafe Card is owned by Skrill.
    iDeal transfers into Skrill accounts can be made instantly. Once you have transfered the money in you can then make an order using our checkout system.
  • We currently allow payments to be made in the following currencies:
    • EUR
    • GBP
    • USD
    • DKK
    • SEK
    • NOK
    • CAD

    All Prices are calculated based on the current exchange rate. Prices are set in Euros and converted to the other currencies, we use a real time exchange rate.

    It is possible to select other currencies by clicking at the top right of the page where the meso options are displayed.