About Us

  • MesoMushie started as a way to sell to players on Maplestory Europe when the quality of other meso sites was dissapointing. Some sites had slow support or didn't actually have stock on the games they sold on. We decided that we could do it better. This is the reason why we also only support a few servers, the ones we are selling on are ones that we have built a good supply chain on.

    MesoMushie was started by people that had played maple for many years and know the game well. We take pride in providing the best and most friendly support of any gold selling site. Since 2013 we have had over 5,000 satisfied customers.
Games & Services
  • MesoMushie currently only sells mesos. We are working hard to expand to sell on all GMS servers eventually. We also plan to sell pre-made accounts such as HS mules. These should be coming soon. We also have an interest in private servers and would like to sell on them once we can estable a secure and safe market.